Losing your shit is annoying and breaking your shit is frustrating. Having your shit get stolen though? That’s the worst, because in most cases it’s probably preventable. That’s why we’ve provided a few easy tricks for holding on to your shit, ‘cuz well shit, that shit’s expensive:

1. Be smart
First things first, use your wits. Don’t carry $500 of cash in your purse and don’t put your iPhone in your back pocket. Beware of crowds or if someone is getting a little too close to you. Use your common sense in that if you think the situation is a potential risk for your belongings, it probably [most definitely] is.

2. Invest in a lock & cable
Get yourself a standard-classic-default metal lock and cable. Use it to lock your bag to your chair on trains, the bed in your shared dorm rooms and to just generally give yourself some peace of mind.

3. Treat your valuables like you don’t want to lose them
Weird advice, I know. Ask yourself this: would you let your child go underneath the bus in the luggage holder? I don’t think so. Ok I know that seems extreme, but anything that you care about should be carried on your body, or be in a bag that’s within eyesight at all times. Supervise the shit out of your shit. This goes for your passport, camera(s), money, cards, phone, etc.

4. Grab a locker
Wherever you may be, if there is a locker/safe available, we recommend you use it. Sometimes these guys are free, but in the case that you have to pay for it, think about how much it will cost if your shit is stolen. Yep, it’s worth it.

5. Get covered
If you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to go on the trip. Ouch. Make sure you research travel insurance and go for the option that covers theft. That way, if something does get stolen you won’t be facing financial burden.

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