Letter To A Friend: Thank You For Letting Me Be Happy


Jessica Vitorelo / December 2016

Dear friend,

Thank you for letting me be me, for letting me be happy.

I know in your eyes that the thought of getting off track, to ditch the 5-year plan, is unfathomable and downright scary.

I know that you would never give up the comfort of your own home; the way it welcomes you every night after a long day at work, with its promise of comfy couches, fall scented candles and heavy pours of red wine.

I know you would never give up the closeness with your friends and family; how you get to be there for every moment along the way, big or small. You wouldn’t stray too far away for the chance you might miss the opportunity to start your own.

I know you would never give up the certainty of a consistent paycheck, or the possibility of missing out on a big promotion or career gain.

I know you don’t want to give up these things, because these are very important things to you. This is what you live for, but I am not you. I am unconventional, and it’s ok.

Thank you for not holding me to your standards of life, to think that I need to live the way you want to.  Because the truth is, I don’t. This is not a phase, or a life crisis. This is me.

I live for the things that fire up my soul, and excite my mind. I live to feel alive.

I find comfort in setting foot in a new country; the excitement of hearing the language for the first time, finding that first bite to eat, and seeing with my own eyes the beauty of an unfamiliar place.

I find comfort in meeting new people; and discovering again and again that the beauty of people is that everyone is so unbelievably similar, yet so different at the same time.

I find comfort in finding a new city, town or village that I am absolutely in love with, and have trouble leaving. That another place around the world can feel like home.

I find comfort in knowing that I can be happy with many different people in my life and in many different places. That I am not settling for convenience.

I find comfort in my childlike curiosity of this world. I want to experience everything it has to offer, and then more.

It’s ok to me that I don’t know where my next job will be, or when I’ll be stationary for a longer period of time. It’s ok, because it’s what makes me tick, what makes me happy.

So again, thank you for letting me live the way I want to; thank you for letting me be happy. 



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