How I Made $1,200 Traveling To Argentina


Jessica Vitorelo / August 2017

Want to make money traveling? Yes, you do. I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and left the country with an extra $1,200 to my name.

As a budget traveler, I’m always looking for ways to stack that extra cash, and as a travel blogger, I’m always being asked how I fund our travels and make money traveling. The good news for all of us is that I’ve discovered an awesome way to make money traveling, and unlike a magician, I’m going to share our tricks. It takes a bit of leg work, but it will be more than worth it when you raise enough dough to cover the cost of that costly plane ticket. This magical money-making machine is called Grabr and don’t worry your little wallet off, because I’m are going to  break it all down for you right here so you can make money traveling too:

What is Grabr?

Grabr is a global travel and shopping marketplace, basically making it possible to buy something pretty much anywhere in the world. Is there a textile in Thailand that you’ve been dying to get your hands on? Maybe you haven’t been able to stop dreaming about Brooklyn Bagels since your trip to NYC? Or perhaps you just really want the newest iPhone and there’s no way to get it in your country. Whatever the reason is, Grabr is here to connect us all and make it possible to get the items we want from all over the world.

How does it work?

Shoppers post links to the items they want to purchase on the Grabr travel page, and travelers browse this page to find items to bring with them on their next trip. For each item the shopper pays the traveler a cash reward, which is how you make money traveling. Once the agreement has been made, the shopper’s money for the item and reward are placed on hold until the traveler delivers the item(s). As the traveler, you are fronting the money for the item and will be reimbursed once you deliver the item.

Ok, so how do I do it

1. Sign up

  • First things first, sign up right here. For iPhone users I recommend downloading the Grabr app so you can easily bid on items, message your shoppers and get updates all from your phone.
  • After you have created a profile, you enter the trip details to show shoppers where and when you will be traveling. This will also make it easy to find a list of relevant items for you to bid on.

2. Start your bids

  • Once you’ve entered your travel info, grabs will automatically populate for you to browse through. Each listing will tell you where they want it delivered to and from, the price, a link where to buy the item, and a suggested traveler reward amount. Browse the items to check out what people are looking for in your destination city. When you’ve found some items that you would like to bring and can find space for in your luggage, you can start bidding on items. Remember that the more items you bring, the more rewards you will get!
  • When you are bidding on items, it is important that you have checked out the link the shopper has provided. When you are making offers on the items be sure to factor in any fees you might acquire bringing the items with you and of course how much money you think you should make for the particular item. Think about the price, the size of the item and how difficult it is to bring with you.
  • As you start to bid on items, you’ll begin messaging with the shoppers to negotiate the traveler reward, work out any quirks and let them know your travel plans. Tip? As your negotiating it’s a good idea to ask if packaging is important to your shopper. I didn’t bring any items in their original packaging so I could save on space and bring more items.
  • Once you’ve worked out the details with your shopper and you’ve both come to an agreement, then they will need to accept your offer.
  • When the shopper accepts your offer, you are now officially bringing them their item. My advice is to buy their item ASAP so that you 100% have the item before you depart for your trip.

3. Deliver the items

  • Fast forward to a week before your trip and contact your shopper to stay in touch and let them know you are about to take off for their country. You need to coordinate a time and place to meet with your shopper and deliver the item. Tip? Choose a cafe near your hotel, or even your hotel lobby to set up (Grabr) shop. You can set up time slots or delivery windows if you will, where shoppers can come and meet you and pick up their items. I suggest setting up two different time slots, one in the evening and one in the morning to give your shoppers some flexibility.
  • Lastly, you will arrive in your destination, meet with your shoppers and deliver the items! Once they have received the item, they need to change the status delivery on Grabr and say that they have received it. This will then let Grabr know that you delivered it, and the money that was on hold for that item and your traveler reward will be released.

There you have it, a real way to make money quickly for your next trip. While Grabr is an excellent way to make money traveling, it is also an incredible way to meet locals and see your destination the way it ought to be seen: through the eyes of a local. In our first meet-up we met an awesome guy who took us out to the local bars with friends, street markets and to all the best food spots. We even went to the movie theater on a rainy day! Be sure to ask your shoppers for recommendations for where to eat, drink and explore in their city and who knows, maybe you’ll make some friends too who want to show you the ropes.

Happy travels!

For more stories and testimonials check out the Grabr Traveler Lounge on FaceBook.

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