The Secret To Getting The Best Picture At Plitvice Lakes


Julie Kern / October 2016

So you traveled across the universe to get yourself out from behind the computer screen, scouring pictures of Plitvice Lakes on Pinterest, to actually walking its meandering foot paths in the lush, green Narnia that is the national park. YES!!

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of THE most beautiful places on the entire planet. And although it’s crowded with 15,000 people visiting the park every day during the summer, it is a complete magical fairy land. With literal fairies flying from tree to tree. Okay, maybe no fairies, but it sure does look like it. Especially at 4PM when the sun starts to set behind the hills, and it peaks through the trees with enough light to make the cascades glow at the golden hour. Really, it’s poetic.

But with all these people, and 18km of footpaths, how the hell are you supposed to get the picture perfect shot that you came for?

We’ll tell you how.

Read these instructions carefully, because we’re only going to tell you one time, about a man named Steve and how he changed our lives. It happened like this:

We were looking at pictures of Plitvice on google images and saw one that caught our eye:


We had already been walking around the entire park, and confused about where in the world this vantage point is. We settled that it MUST be drone footage because there is no way anyone could get that picture from any of the paths we had been on.

The next morning, we got up at 6 AM to enter the park at opening hour and be alone with the pools. Alone we were. Except for a Croatian-born Canadian named Steve who approached us as we were standing to take a few photos. We said good morning and he proceeded to point out the secret viewpoint for getting this picture-perfect photo along with detailed directions for how to get there by car in under 20 minutes. Thank you, Steve. You changed our lives.

So without further ado, here are the directions from Steve, for how to get this incredible, beautiful, perfect vantage point at Plitvice Lakes :

  1. From Entrance 1, head north on Highway 1 until you reach the bridge
  2. Just after the bridge is a fork in the road. When you reach this fork m take a sharp left onto Highway 42, and head towards Poljanak
  3. When you reach town, you’ll hit another split in the road. Veer left on the unmarked road. If you reach Guesthouse Milka, you’ve gone too far
  4. Drive down this road until you see an old abandoned mill on the left hand side of the road. It will be just next to a tiny creek. This creek is actually the spring that’s feeding the “big falls” of Plitvice!
  5. Follow the trail on the left hand side of the mill and walk until you reach the viewpoint

You are welcome.

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  • Manon @ The Dutch countryside // October 5, 2016

    Lifesaver! Seriously, thank you for that information because I’m planning on visiting and that photos is truly beautiful. I will definitely bookmark this page just to be sure haha:)

  • Jessie // October 5, 2016

    Great post.

  • Danielle // October 8, 2016

    Great tips! I was with a group when I went to Plitvice and love many of the photos I got, but next time I will definitely make the hike to this spot.

  • Liana // October 9, 2016

    Seriously, this is a lifesaver post! I’ve always been curious about this photo and I though it should have been drone taken, but here you’re showing otherwise! So good to hear and I’ll keep that in mind!

  • carlinn meyer // October 11, 2016

    Wow it looks amazing! Really hoping to go there one day! 🙂

  • Marie // August 26, 2017

    Thank you so much for this info, we went there last week and the view was just breathtaking!

  • Parrish Colman // November 1, 2017

    Hi Julie

    We have just arrived back at our guest house and just wanted to Thank You for your directions. Perfection details that led us exactly to the point of interest.

    I would upload an image but does not look like I can here so will put one on my website soon.

    Again Thank You very much.

    Kind regards

  • Penny // February 9, 2018

    Hi, can you walk there or do you need a car? And how easy is it to get a taxi? We won’t be renting a car, but would love to see that breathtaking view!

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