Why Coming Home After Traveling Is The Best Feeling In The World


Jessica Vitorelo / April 2016

I absolutely love traveling. Obviously. The second I get home from one trip, I’m fantasizing about the next. I love exploring unfamiliar places, meeting new and exciting people and just breaking away from everything I know as “normal” in my life. There is just something so amazing about the rush you feel when you are outside your comfort zone and learning about someone else’s. However, one of the best feelings in the world for a traveler, or at for least me, is coming home. And this guys, is why.

Home cooked meals
When I’m traveling about, I’m eating out every single freaking day. That means 98% of my meals are sit downs where I need to get dressed and converse with people, the other 2% is when I’m slapping peanut butter on a banana and calling it breakfast. Talk about exhausting for my brain and my wallet. So when I get home and get to buy groceries, and then later raid my own fridge it’s like tummy heaven. When I get to make my own salads and cook my own pasta, I’m one happy camper. And when I get to sit at my own table in complete silence and do just what the kitchen table is meant for, chowing down, I know I’m home.

My favorite eats
Yes, I’m still talking about food. I know I said I eat out 98% of the time while I’m traveling, but I can’t help but get excited about my favorite taco place when I get back home. When someone asks me if I want to meet for lunch, hell yeah you know I’m going to suggest my favorite nom shops that I’ve been craving since day 2 of leaving the country.

Long, hot showers
After spending 25 hours bouncing from 3 different airports, in 3 different countries at odd hours of the night just to hop on an hour and a half bus ride to take me home, you bet your sweet ass I’m going to want a long, hot and steamy shower. Side note: I’m from California so when I say “long shower” we’re talking a few minutes tops. Either way, it is one amazing feeling to wash away all the grime and nastiness after a long day [or 2] or traveling. Not to mention the average hostel where I’m staying while I’m abroad usually doesn’t come with the luxury of warm water.

My own damn bed
There’s no better way to follow up a relaxing hot shower, than by putting on your coziest pjs and sleeping off the jet lag. After countless days of hostel hopping, and sleeping on air mattresses and shitty boats, posting your head on a fluffy, clean pillow is a great feeling. Scratch that… it’s a fantastic feeling.

Me time
While on the road, it’s easy to get used to the crazy and social lifestyle. There’s always someone around, whether it’s a travel buddy, fellow yogis, or dorm mates. You rarely have alone time. So when I get home and am able to shut the door to my very own room it’s an odd feeling. Almost confusing at first, but then [long pause] pure joy.

Making money
This may sound weird, but it’s the truth. When I’m traveling I’m always broke and trying to strike deals and bargain already ridiculously low prices. I’m cheap cheap, because in order to make the money last and for my trip to be longer, I need to be. So when I get home, start working, and the cheddar starts to roll in, I start to feel like Kanye and spend my money more frivolously. And I like it. I like being able to buy things like $16 salads and $100 shoes sometimes. Besides, this only lasts for a short time before I remind myself what that $116 could have done for me in Asia.

A boring routine
It’s funny because I’m the type of person who hates routine. I start to get into one and then I’m bored and on to the next adventure. However, coming home and starting to establish a routine gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. It’s a great feeling to know I have somewhere to be every day, to have my daily lunch crew at work, and to say hi to my bagel guy in the morning. It’s those little things that make coming home from such a trip and such a high, more manageable.

The double “F”: Friends and family
And then there’s these guys, the best friends and the fam bam. The hardest part about leaving for a new trip is saying to your special peeps, “See you when I get back!” I hate goodbyes, but then again who doesn’t? When you get back to your sweet home land, and your best friend is waiting for you at the airport or your pops is cooking a welcome home dinner with your name on it, you can’t help but fall in love with that warm and fuzzy feeling of coming home.

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  • Nicole // April 12, 2016

    Long hot showers are the best! After spending a month in India with no hot water, I stayed in the shower for at least 45minutes! Felt amazing to be actually clean again!

  • Etienne Crete // March 10, 2017

    Thanks for the positivity! I just came back from 2 months in Asia (China & Vietnam mostly).

    One of the best thing for me is getting back to structure & routine (that allows to make money).

    But…always looking forward to the next trip!


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