You’ll Be Shocked To Learn The Weirdest Thing We Never Travel Without


Jessica Vitorelo / March 2017

Are you ready to hear a surprising little secret of ours?

Tuna pouches are a saving grace when it comes to backpacking.

Yeah, that’s not a joke. You guys already know that we’ve spent a lot of time on the road, but we’ve probably never shared this insider piece of information about our secret tuna stash. It might sound weird…okay it definitely sounds weird, but before you abort mission and think that we’re here just trying to promote a product, please give us a fair chance to explain.

TL; DR: Tuna is cheap, it’s versatile, and it comes in very durable pouches from SafeCatch, which is why we’ve decided to stuff our packs (and faces) with protein bars, crackers and now you can guess it, tuna pouches.

In case you want the full scoop (pun intended), read on to find out why tuna is seriously one of our fav snacks on the go:

We’re pretty much always hungry

Without a daily routine and kitchen of our own, we’re often left to our own devices to figure out those quick and easy filler-uppers. Hunger doesn’t discriminate, and when you’re on a bus all day or in a hurry to make your dive boat, you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place, choosing between a proper meal or being where you’re supposed to. We’ve learned the hard way to always keep snacks in our packs in case of emergencies. No one likes a hangry person, after all.

Eating out gets boooooring

The thing about not having the comfort of your own kitchen is the fact that you are forced to eat out all the freaking time. When we start traveling for an extended period of time, eating at restaurants and cafes really starts to lose its appeal. We stop going out as a treat but instead for the necessity to eat, which can make it almost feel like a chore when we’re exhausted and just need some calories. For us, tuna is one of the easiest solves for this when we’re literally too burned out to sit across from each other and make interesting conversation while we wait for our food to arrive.

Constantly craving that protein

Like we mentioned before, we’re always hungry, but sometimes we just don’t have access to anything substantial. Before a long bus ride we typically pop our heads in the local convenient store and load up on super healthy snacks like bags of chips and sour gummies. While both of these ticket items make for a more satisfactory road trip, it gets old pretty quickly. Our bodies start to hate us and our bellies rumble for something a bit more nutritious. Now, we’ve started trading sour patch kids for tuna packs and our bodies (and our dentists) are much happier because of it.

We get lost… often

You know all those people who like getting off the beaten path? Okay, we’re like that, but on steroids. If you can’t find a place on a map, it’s probably on our bucket list. We have this little ol’ habit of crawling so far off the main road that we get lost sometimes. One time, we were hiking to a traditional village in Indonesia when we stopped, looked around, and realized we were completely alone on a 5-hour trek through the jungle with no food, water or appropriate clothing. But that’s another story for another day. The point is that when we are consistently doing whatever it takes to get as far away from cities and the tourist track as we are, we always need a backup plan in case things get weird. So that’s why we always have water bottles filled to the brim, and our packs full of tuna, baby.

Our wallets like it

Yes, people are preaching left and right that anyone can travel no matter what you’re budget is. But let’s be honest here, traveling is one expensive hobby even if you travel on the cheap like we do. While $10 dinners in Panama are pretty affordable, you have to remember that these things add up if you’re going out for three meals per day. If you ask us, we would rather spend that extra $30 a day on some freakin’ sweet activities that will make for better memories and even better experiences from our trip.

If you’re still questioning our appreciation for traveling with tuna, just ask any other budget backpacker you know. We can almost guarantee that even if they aren’t talking about this little secret of theirs, they’ve definitely thought about it, or are even indulging in it themselves.

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Thank you to Safe Catch for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest and completely our own.

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