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Who we are

Wanderlove is an online magazine that provides tips, guides, and inspiration for the adventurous traveler.  We are not a single voice blog, but rather a collective of contributors that are connected through a passion for exploration.  Content by the travelers, for the travelers!

We specialize in adventure travel; having done everything from diving with sharks to driving a camper van across Europe. We do every activity in town, and then tell our story so that you will feel inspired to do it too.

What makes us different

What separates us from the rest of ’em is our tell-it-like-it-is style of writing. There’s not bullshit here. We all write the way we talk so that you guys can be sure you’re getting advice from a trusted friend [that’s us].

How we started

The story is simple. After a few years of doing the whole working at a desk thing, Jess and Julie decided it was time to drop the mic. They sold their stuff, got rid of their apartments and hopped on one-way flights to Asia. Some might have called it a quarter life crisis, but they just called it like it was: pretty f*#king awesome.

Since then, they’ve fallen off their motorbikes enough times to know a thing or two about backpacking, and created Wanderlove to help you get up and go!


Full Disclosure 

Wanderlove often works with partners and may receive commissions from  purchases you make after clicking on some of our links. Please know that all of our partnership content is brought to you from brands that matter to us. All opinions are, as always, our own.

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